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“Offering quick and efficient services for all your towing needs, with state of the art equipment, latest vehicles, and a highly trained staff on board.”
We provide quick and efficient towing services to light, medium and heavy Vehicles within Perth and in surrounding areas of Western Australia.
Have a vehicle that’s broken down? There is no need to worry! Our breakdown towing services will transport your vehicle to a garage for repairs in no time.
Is your vehicle making a concerning noise while you’re on the road? Don’t wait till the last minute to make a smart choice. Call us and get exceptional flatbed towing services at affordable prices in no time.
Our emergency towing services are available 24/7 at your services. Give us a call right away, just in case your car gets involved in a severe crash or need to be taken out from a ditch. We are here to provide you roadside assistance with towing services to a garage for repairs.
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If someone has parked their car in your private property illegally, you can get this unauthorized vehicle towed through our tilt tray towing services, that tow vehicle in a quick and easy way with no damage. This service works best for damaged vehicles as well.
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If you own a luxury vehicle that requires towing of any sort, then we provide low clearance towing services for exotic cars that or the ones with a lowe base. Our local business has a capable towing vehicle specially designed and suited to transport low clearance cars.


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About Us

Car Towing & Vehicle Transport Services

We regularly tow all types of cars from accident or breakdown sites to be repaired, from home to a garage for servicing or repairs, or just transporting from one location to another around Perth WA.

We will take great care of your vehicle and you can rest assured that all our operators are skilled in their work and we are fully insured.

  • Car breakdowns
  • Car accidents
  • Exotic Cars Towing

If you need a local tow, give us a call and we can quote and organise it for you.


Through years of experience in towing services, we well know the need to keep leading-edge management systems, highly qualified staff, and latest models towing trucks on board.

We know its crucial to invest in modern technology data management systems to keep providing a quality records of customers and keep track of their requirements, complaints, and behavioral patterns towards our towing services in Perth.

So, if you have, by any chance, left your keys in the car, or your car has broken down on the roadside, we are just a phone call away. Our towing, roadside, and wrecker services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In case, you get involved in any sort of motor accident or your car breaks down, there is no need to worry.

Call us on 0499 290 778 or email us at info@towtruckperth.com. Our friendly team of experts will assist you with any queries that you might have. Feel free to do so!



    What Our Happy Clients Say About Us

    Really big thanks to your company. They arranged a tow for my car in Perth. Couldn't be happier with the service and pricing. Thanks guys

    Joanna Lowe

    Fantastic service from start to finish , no fuss and very reasonably priced. Highly recommend!

    Joshua Menezes

    Superb service! Couldn't be happier - we required an urgent tow and they had a truck on the scene in minutes. Highly recommended to anyone in Perth needing a tow truck service.

    Barry Feehan

    WA Tow Truck Services Perth

    Finding the best state-of-the art Tow Truck Perth Services is quite hard, isn’t it? We provide immediate cheap towing services Perth for all your vehicles, whether they are light, medium, or heavy-duty vehicle relocation.

    At Tow Truck Perth, we know it is hard and complicated to rent a truck these days especially with the costs, maintenance, and overnight accommodation. The first thing we prioritize is taking responsibility for our customers and therefore our team is ready to handle the most difficult situations from skilled to expert levels.

    With the increase of motorway accidents on the rise, the most common are vehicle breakdowns, so when it comes to quality, affordability, and we are providing towing services near me!

    Our expert mechanics who have a great geographical location in Perth will transport your vehicle to a safe place (garage) in no time at all! We also undertake everything from body repairs to routine maintenance of your vehicle, including frame restoration, fabrication, and overall custom paint jobs.

    Ever had a flat tire or suddenly ran out of fuel! This usually happens when you have been stranded for longer periods of time and in the middle of nowhere! No matter what make or model of your automotive car you are driving, our car towing fleet services will give your assistance whenever needed. Every one of our tow truck Perth drivers is registered and fully licensed.

    So, no need to worry, you’re in good hands! Are you sure your vehicle is insured? When you are driving on the road, you can never tell what can happen in a split of a second! It can be a mechanical problem or something bigger.

    In these unfortunate events, our car towing services Perth can be available on call 24/7, for the quickest and fastest response time, compared to that of any other tow truck service near me! We also offer roadside assistance truck towing, where our customer services team is always available with you every step of the way, so whenever you do decide to call us, we are always a call away!

    Our services also include heavy truck towing which are built for Australian roads and are capable of towing small to medium-sized vehicle loads and all our vehicles are licensed and equipped to offer the best services possible.

    The most beneficial factor of our truck towing service is our lower clearance towing especially in parking areas, garages, and tight spaces. This is especially where vehicle breakdowns are most common and the reason can be, either a dead battery, or you cannot jump-start your car. Our expert truck towing services will provide you with the proper equipment to get you out of those impossible places!